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Hi I’m Jag Mahil, Your Free Affiliate CoachJag Mahil

I will be your free online guide on how to start your own affiliate business on the world wide web.

Little Bit About Me

  • Created My First Affiliate Site In 2014
  • Started A Successful Shopify Store Which I Later Sold
  • Successfully Fought And Beat Cancer
  •  Coached Top Business Executives

Considering my background is all business based, I would love to coach you to become free of financial worries. My love of coaching others to their goals will always remain my top priority.

Many who have joined have even surpassed me!

What a great feeling it is to see someone you taught is making further strides. Not only are they reaching their goals, but I get to learn from them as well.


Success Stories Inside Of Wealthy Affiliate

My online business has generated $85.5K since its inception. I actually can’t believe I’m able to still make more than prior year from the year I had in 2019.

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Hard work just paid off HUGE. Over the past week, I made over $100K with 500+ active students.  Wealthy Affiliate is the foundation to all my successes today.

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I made an affiliate commission of exactly $6,582,97 and that is a new record for me, with quite some margin as the record up until this one was $3,700. So excited to see what comes next.

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Finding Your Niche For Affiliate Products

Niches are everywhere; right now they could be hiding in your bedroom.  Before you go running to your room to find your niche, let me finish. What I mean by niches hiding in your room is that each piece of furniture, jewelry, candle, or bedding has the potential to become a profitable niche.

Even the dust in your room can become a niche, so as long as you know how to talk about it passionately to clean it up.

Anything you see can become a niche. For example, there are people who at one time went crazy for pet rocks. The man who came up with this idea became a millionaire through that process, yet there was no internet.

These days you have the advantage of having the internet, and there are so many people on the internet right now who could use your help. At the very least 7 billion, out of those, there may be .01% looking for what you may be offering, that’s still like 7,000,000 people, a lot of customers for you.

Find out what’s troubling people to become the solution. A solution is what many look for when they go on to the internet to search. Once you become the remedy to their burning pain, they will tell others.

Remember a group of like-minded people usually tend to hang out together, so most of their burning pains are generally the same. They will all huddle together to discuss how your remedy helped them.  The more readers explain what you have to offer, the more others will hear about you. Check out Billion Dollar Niches to see what interests you.

The nice thing about picking a niche is that it doesn’t have to be something you know a lot about because as you research topics you will become knowledgeable.

In an information-sharing age, knowledge is best!

Other times you could go with a niche which you know a lot of about, frankly, this is a better option, as your passion will come out for everyone to see. For instance let’s say you are a cat owner, of course, you love your cat as do many other cat lovers.

So for your cat you get a unique brand of food which makes its fur silky soft, your cat also has a better sleep after eating this food. See there would passion there for you, you would be more than happy to discuss this. As well as imagine how happy cat lovers would be if they were looking for exactly what you are telling them.

You are covering their pain point!

This is a bit of a broad niche as there are many websites dedicated to cats, but your perspective on cat food could be a unique selling point. Keep in mind for a product to sell, it doesn’t mean it has to be in the popular range, it could something which no one talks about. Find that one hidden product and become the master of it.  What may seem obscure to you may end up being a treasure chest of opportunities.

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