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I’m Jag, I’m an affiliate marketing and blogging coach. Here you will learn how to make your online business stand out with learned affiliate marketing knowledge.  

What can you expect from my website?

Jag Mahil

  • Amazing programs where you can earn money
  • Tips and techniques on how you can stand out from the crowd
  • An awesome training program which will propel you further in your online venture
  • Best of all, how you can be an online entrepreneur who earns a full-time income from basically anywhere

“What’s your story”, you ask?

Originally I started blogging back in 2003, but quite possibly like you may be feeling now, I didn’t really see the value in blogging online.

Quite frankly, none of the affiliate programs which are available now were available back then. So in that, you are very lucky to be getting into it now.

Many people think affiliate programs are no longer viable.

But my thoughts on this are, so much is happening online. Such as people are basically ordering everything online (seriously no bigger motivator than that to get online and start selling).

You will definitely find programs which will be suited to your niche or blogging.

Read what Zak Johnson one of the top super affiliates who responded to my question has to say about affiliate marketing.

Anyways back to my story. I tried once again in 2007. I also started writing articles for ezine as well as the examiner and self-growth.

It was at this time that it struck me, why am I writing articles for others where they are making money when I could be blogging for myself.

I started off great, learned all about WordPress. Not so great with applying the learning. Procrastinator me sat on the learning for almost 7 years.

Then in 2014, I buckled up my belt to start my own online business through blogging. The more I blogged the more I started becoming known to others.

I had friends who wanted me to help them set-up their online business which I was more than happy to do.

It’s also at this time I realized, not only was I helping friends for free, but their friends were also coming to me and getting help for free.

Now I knew for sure my skills were of value. I started charging a small fee for helping, which to my glee they were more than willing to pay. In addition to this, I also grew my own blog as well as set-up a Shopify store.

After 2 years of successful blogging, I sold my WordPress site as cancer reared its ugly head again.

While I was ill I started a Shopify store, it wasn’t as interesting as doing a blog. It also required me to do everything, which I didn’t have the energy for. 

Now that I’m back my marketing skills have improved quite a bit. I do help some people with their social media accounts as well, my skills in that area have grown substantially too.

But my main interest is affiliate marketing online and helping people earn a full-time income with their blog.

There are some who will tell you getting rich happens fast online, but I will say with all honesty don’t expect it to happen right away.

You do have to put in time and effort as well as have an infinite amount of patience, which I was very short on before.

Personally, for me, I saw my first earnings happen after a month. That was with the right keywords, headlines and blogging interesting stuff.

My Background Training

In between all this, I also dealt with fibromyalgia, cervical spinal surgeries, and cancer. I did not let any of those stop me.

  • FYI: Cancer I had is now in remission.

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