Can You Make Money From A Travel Blog? Yes! 5 Ways To Get Started In 2020

Can you make money from a travel blog? Yes, you can, and today I’m going to show you 5 different ways that you can make it happen to create residual income.

You get to travel as well as make money from it!

Although you could probably create a separate website on each of five ways to make money from a travel blog, you can also include them in one big site while breaking down each topic.

How Can You Make Money From A Travel Blog

1. Sell Destination Photosmake money from a travel blog - destination photos

If you are a photographer and this will be right up your alley.

The first thing you need to do is to research your destination. The reason you need to research your destination is that, before the photography starts, you need to know where to go to get the good pictures.

Take your time to find out about the local landmark, impressive architecture as well as where the natural beauty exists.

Learn about your destination as much as possible regarding weather, culture, or any exciting event which may take place there.

Remember to prep your camera before your travels. Even if you are using your iPhone, learn the tips and tricks of using an iPhone when taking pictures.

You will most likely visit places where tourists are likely to hang out. Avoid taking any pictures which look like all other travelers.

The type of pictures you need to take should be unique, focus on a place where no photo has been taken.

One thing to figure out before you start taking photographs is your timeframe. Sometimes when people set timelines, they are more likely to take tighter pictures with more uniqueness.

Another great thing to do is take a portrait photo of locals who hang out in destinations where you are taking pictures.

You will need to ask for permission first.

There are many places online where you can sell your pictures, but the top 5 are:

 2. Endorse Travel Backpacksmoney from a travel blog - travel backpacks

People who travel sometimes want to travel light, especially if they’re planning a backpacking trip.

Being able to pick the right backpack is crucial when someone plans a trip abroad. If it’s too big, then you have that extra weight to carry around, too small, and the backpack may not have enough room to pack all your essentials.

How can you help?

A great way to help is to open an online e-commerce store where you review some of the best backpacks that a person can use when traveling.

Learn the science of knowing what the best travel backpack is – and how to recognize it.

The types of backpacks that you will want to promote should be water-resistant. They don’t need to be waterproof, but they will need to whether hikes, harsh weather, and maybe even storms.

Remember to pay attention to the zippers on backpacks so that they can be locked. This is crucial for travelers as there is always the fear of being mugged.

When you are promoting backpacks on your website, make sure to pay special attention to the multiple compartments inside the backpack.

It’s easier for travelers to break up their belongings into smaller sections so that they are easier to find.

Make sure that any backpack you promote for people who are traveling includes a padded hip belt. Padded hip belts help to support the weight and make it more comfortable.

It also provides support and distributes the load more evenly on your back, which leads to less strain.

The shoulder strap should be padded as well. This makes it easier for the shoulders as this avoids the straps cutting into shoulders. They will also help to take the strain off the lower back.

For a traveler to gain easier access to their backpack, make sure it is front loading. A top-loading by which allows only access through a hole in the top makes it difficult to get the stuff at the bottom, where a front-loading will enable you to open the backpack from the side while having easy access to items.

A place to find suitable backpacks is

  • Alibaba –if you want to order in bulk
  • Aliexpess – if you’re going to try just one

3. Order Souvenirs To Sell To Localsstart a travel blog - souvenirs

In order to sell souvenirs, you should travel to the place where they will come from. You will also have to learn what appeals to your demographic audience.

To learn the demographics of your audience, you need to know the people who are interested in the places you are focusing on.

Most people, when traveling, love to bring back memories or mementos of the places they’ve been to as well as the events they attended.

What you will need to do is research your market by looking at upscale research communities to see what they sell to tourists.

You can even do that online. But the great suggestion is to go to the place, find suppliers of the souvenirs. This way, you know exactly where your product will come from.

Also, suppliers are usually willing to work out some deal when doing a face-to-face meeting.

If you don’t have the means to travel, but still want to sell souvenirs on your blog, then Aliexpress may be the way for you to go.

4. Create My Favorite Places Guidesmoney with a travel blog - guide

As you know, guides sell, especially if the guide leads one through the fantasy of another. Helping people to re-create trips could be one of your specialties.

Creating a guide once again will involve you traveling to your destination. Making one without traveling will seriously hinder what you can offer to your readers.

What you will want to include in your travel guide is:

An awesome cover

When someone looks at a travel guide, the first thing they look at is the cover. As a great headline catches a reader, a great cover will encourage the visual person to open the guide. For that, you are going to need a camera that captures the beauty of the travel guide you are creating.

Describe the benefits of the guide

Let your readers know what you are offering as well as why they will enjoy the guide you’ve created.

Attractive features

In this section, you want to include beautiful photos as well as information about services, promotions, and events that take place at the destination.

Recreational activities that take place

Here you will want to sell the reader on which public sites to visit. What sort of entertainment they will find there, be sure to include all the fun stuff here.

5. Shows Others How You Budget For Your Trip make money from a travel blog - budgeting tips

One of the things most have on our bucket list is the desire to travel. But unfortunately, money gets in the way.

You can be the one to teach them how to travel while staying within a budget!

How can you teach others how to budget?

Well, the first thing you need to teach them is determining how much they can afford to spend on a trip.

This includes keeping in mind:

  • Transportation cost

This is where you will need to focus on the most, as this is going to be the most significant expense happening during the trip.

  • Hotel cost

Accommodations are going to be the next expense which travelers will need to consider. This will involve the average nightly rate as well as how many nights they are going to spend there.

You also need to let them know if breakfast is included or not.

  • Food cost

Determining where to eat is next on the list. Most people travel to another location or destination to have a taste of the cuisine.

You will need to outline in your guide where they can find the best cuisine for the least amount of dollars.

  • Recreational cost

Now your focus will be on letting your readers know where to go when they travel. Detail some of your best places visited. More in detail you go, the better the visual you will create for your reader to be able to see themselves in that place.

  • Shopping

Of course, you cannot forget about shopping. You need to list in your guide the best places to shop with the most economic viability.

The more detail you include what’s available in the shops you’re promoting, the better it will be for your reader.

Where Can You Create A Blog Featuring These Topics?

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Now that you know how you can make money from a travel blog let me know in comments below what you think might get in the way? Give me a chance to remove your obstacles.

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  1. Hi Jag,

    I like the idea of selling destination photos. Why have I not thought about this? Since my husband travels regularly for work, and he always shares beautiful photos with me, I think this will work. Thanks so much for the idea.

    Also, I have a friend who has a travel blog where he shares places of interest during his visits. All your ideas will be good for him to expand his blog and online business. I will forward this to him.

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  2. Hi Jag,

    I am a full-time blogger working from home and I am looking for topic ideas for my second blog. I love to travel so I thought of following my passion and build my next blog on travel niche. While doing some research online I came across your informative and insightful post.

    I am not aware of the great idea of selling destination photos. Since I am learning photography this idea is just like icing on the cake. Finding suppliers of the souvenirs and selling it to locals is an eye-opener for me and I never thought about it.

    Your article certainly made me think more about the subject and thank you for this elaborated write-up.

  3. Hi Jag! I’m excited with the things I’ve discovered from this post. The one that has captured my attention is using Getty Images and Shutterstock to sell photos, among others. I could even start selling pics I have in my disk drive that are part of personal trips. Viewing it this way, I have money sitting there in my disk drive.

    Thanks for this post!

  4. I agree. There is definitely potential in travelling as a way of making money and especially for those who are already into that lifestyle like people that are considering digital nomad lifestyle.

    It’s interesting if you think about it. You get to combine between going on vacation and making money 🙂

  5. Great ideas on here and a few I had not heard of. I like the idea of selling different souvenirs. I have been an avid traveler in the United States for most of my adult life. It is great to know there are ways to being able to blog about our experiences and to actually sell something from that area as well. I have been into dropshipping about ten years ago,I think after reading your website on making money in the travel niche I could couple blogging and dropshipping souvenirs into some profit. Thanks for the tips. 


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