How To Create Your Own Website And Blog To Create Passive Income (Comprehensive 2020 Guide)

How to create your own website and blog to generate passive income doesn’t have to be too difficult. Many people who could be making an income online, shy away from all the work that’s involved. But in reality, it takes about three days to get going.

When I started my Amazon affiliate niche website, it took me about three days to set it up. Once it was set up, it took another month of content writing for the sales to start coming in. Now, after one year, I’m making a full-time income on that Amazon site. There are some steps involved in how to create your own website and blog so that you can have residual income coming in. I’m going to share them with you below.

How To Create Your Own Website And Blog Guide

Find Your Niche

Finding your niche is an essential aspect when blogging online. Why? Because this is what you are going to be writing for the next few years.

Going with a niche that you have no interest in, is not going to help you at all. You will not want to write or do anything to take that niche further. That’s why it is vital to pick a topic that will hold your interest over time.

If you just want a niche but are having a hard time finding one, check out my billion-dollar niches section. Maybe there’ll be one there that will hold your interest. These niches are topics that bring in the money.

Back in the day, people could go with informational topics, slap in some Google AdSense to make money. Now informational topics are not as popular. People go online to buy products, so you’ll have to pick a niche where you’ll be able to review products that your audience will relate to.

Pick A Name

What’s in a name, you ask? Everything is in a name, but first and foremost is that it needs to be memorable. But for it to be memorable, it needs to be short and sweet. Something which others will need to remember when their burning pain acts up, that’s when you’ll be happy you went with a name which they were able to recall.

Using keywords in a name is probably the best idea. When a search on the internet is done, most times a keyword or key phrase is used. If your name has other words in it plus the keyword you want to be ranked for, when others search for a topic on that keyword, your name may show up.

Try not to have hyphens or numbers in your name. These are hard to remember as well as the hyphens can get misplaced or even forgotten when searching online. Your website may have the best niche product, but if people can’t find you because of your name, they will go looking somewhere else.

Think of the process your parents may have gone through when naming you. It may have been unique, but something to which others may have said, “yes short and sweet,” unless your parents gave you a hard name, which no one was able to remember. In terms of starting an affiliate, think of it as your baby. You are birthing and growing it. So you will want your baby remembered, right.

.com is still by far the best extension. When a search is done on the internet, most people will still search by .com, although some new ones are coming up. But they still have to build their brand and make a mark on the internet; the .com made its mark 25 years ago. As you can probably tell, it’s going nowhere anytime soon.

Other extension suffixes are:

  • .co is used for company, commerce, and community
  • .org is used by non-profit organizations
  • .net is used for technical sites
  • .info is used for informational sites
  • .biz is used for commercial sites such as eCommerce
  • .me is used for resume like sites

Come up with a least 10 variations of the name you want to go with; in the next section, you will learn why. Jaaxy is an excellent place to find keywords as well to see if a domain name is available.  You will get 30 free searches to discover a name (enough to get a domain name). The reason you want to go with a keyword tool to pick a name is that it will show if anyone is looking for that keyword on Google, plus you’ll know right away if it’s available or not.

Get A Domain Hosthow to create your own website and blog - get domain hosting

By now you may feel like it’s really happening, I’m actually getting my own domain name. This, my online friend, is where the game starts. Finding the right domain name game can be tough because there are many out there who may have tied into the same niche as you. They also have names picked out, could be quite similar, or maybe even the same as yours. Hence the reference when I said to have at least 10 names picked out. I chose to go with Wealthy Affiliate, as not only do I get hosting, but all of my other needs are handled there as well.

The first matter of attention should be the price, not necessarily the cheapest will be best. It’s all dependent upon how large you decide to build your site as well, will it be a money-making site.  Some hosts may not allow more than a certain number of visitors to visit your website. If they do allow more visitors than their database can stand, be prepared for downtime as well as slow load issues. Slow load or downtime usually, in my opinion, leads a person right off the website before they even see it.

Imagine that all your hard work, the once in a lifetime website, yet no one sees it because you went with the cheapest domain name host you could find. Research out domain name providers; compare the value of what each has to offer. After all, your website is going to bring you money one day, why not give it the best start possible.

Things to look for when getting a domain name host provider:

  • Price – We already discussed this one, but just to reiterate, don’t go for the cheapest one if you plan on growing a large site.
  • Your niche – Not all domain name hosts are the same; your particular niche may require a specific type of host. It will depend on how large you plan to grow as well as how the host will manage when it comes to growth. Read reviews online about the different host packages, go with the one which will work for you.
  • What support is available – An essential feature when finding a host. I know when I went with a domain name provider since I’m a talker, it was vital for me to find a place I could call up quickly. I don’t have the patience to submit a support ticket unless I know they are going to respond within an hour. Yet still what was more important was how they treat their customer; will I be their first order of priority, or will it be how much they can get out me.
  • What are people saying about them – This will definitely help to make an informed decision. You will need to find the truthful ones compared to the ones who are just selling a name to you when reading reviews don’t only search on Google, research on social media sites as well as forums. You will find non-biased reviews in the most hidden of places.

Get Web Hostinghow to create your own website and blog - get web hosting

Web hosting is quite possibly right up there with the niche making decision. Without a good web host, you could land yourself in a heap of problems that most of us can do without when growing a website.

Possible problems could be, but not limited:

  • Web changes don’t appear – This one was the most irritating to me at one time. I would make changes, go to see them and nothing would appear changed. At that time, I had not caught onto the fact that all I needed to do was clear my browser’s cache, and all would appear well. Instead, I would keep making changes while the frustration would build up to where I would have to contact support eventually. Who would get back to me about 24 hours later on what was wrong with my website. It was definitely a test of my patience.
  • Can’t see my website – This may mean your WebHost is experiencing downtime as well maybe the DNS settings have changed. Or it could be that you changed something on your website, which brought it to its knees—something I have done when changing a plugin. Most times, the fix is easy, but once again, it would be a matter of contacting your web host and how quickly they respond.
  • Website Load time is slow – This one is a no brainer, slow loading websites die an early death. Why? Because people out there who have a need that needs to be fixed don’t have time for you to present why you are the solution to their problems. They want answers now, imagine their reaction if your website is slow, they may also assume how slow your solution will be to what they need fixing. Remember, impressions count everywhere.

Create Your Menuhow to create your own website and blog - create a menu

Menus work like the main attraction on your website. If you create an attractive selection of menus, you will definitely get more activity on your website. The more action you have, the less bounce rate there will be. A bit more on this later, right now, our focus is menus.

At least two menu items should be related as well as support your niche. Say, for example, take my niche, which is about being an affiliate. Still, I also have some sub niches related to this topic, which are marketing & resources, billion-dollar niches, and reviews. Each one of these is in some way related to each other, but all three support my main niche.

Now think about it if you were to go into a restaurant, look at the menu with no picture display. Would you choose three different types of main dishes or foods which complement one main dish? The same can be said of a website; complementation is of utter importance. Randomness doesn’t work here, because if someone is looking for one thing in your niche, they most likely are also looking for other things to go with it.

Sometimes drop-down menus work really well; it gives you room to add pages without creating menu headings, which take up a place on the menu tab. Personally, I find a menu tab that has all menus on a single line more attractive than when the tab is broken into two lines.

This breaks up uniformity as well; the tab takes up room, which means whatever you want showing on your post or page gets pushed down. Sometimes it will get pushed down ‘below the fold’, a statement which means you will not be able to capture your consumers’ attention once their eyes stay above a certain level. 

Create Contenthow to create your own website and blog - write content

The king of your website is the content you have. This is the real driving force of a website; you can steer it to go the way you see yourself growing. With content, you can compel your audience and win their trust at the same time.

Once they trust you, they are more likely to engage with you, which can lead to them telling others about you as well, seeing the worth of what you are endorsing.

What to keep the focus on when creating content:

  • Keep it original – It’s not really fun reading what’s already been read somewhere else. Keep your content original by adding in your own unique voice. This can be based on your own thoughts, perspective, and experience.
  • Great Headlines go the distance – Catchy headlines are more likely to get clicked than non-catchy headlines. Yet you do want to give reference in your caption what your topic is going to be about. People click on headlines because they are looking for that specific information. If they arrive on your website after clicking a headline, only to find it is not what they thought; the most obvious thing is they will click away. Down the road, they may need the info you were providing, but most likely won’t come back because of being misled when they first clicked on your headline.
  • Let your content lead to an action – Make it worthwhile for someone who has landed on your website to be able to follow through with an activity. What I mean is to be able to apply what you taught to fix their burning pain. If your website doesn’t lead to any action, it doesn’t benefit or enrich an individual’s life. There have been times in the past where I read an article, only to say to myself, so what do I do with this information. My point being, get your customer there already.
  • Give them what they need – Don’t mislead, just straight-up give the customer what they came looking for. I know before I found Wealthy Affiliate, I was misled many times. Always some sort of information that would have been crucial to my site was withheld, so I was always on the lookout for something new.
  • Do the three #1 things with your content
    1. Leave readers pondering what you have written
    2. Create questions in their mind of wanting to know more
    3. Wanting to return to re-read old or read new content

Find Your Affiliate Network

So now you have your website set-up and are ready for some action to take place. To turn your website into a monetary website, you will need to join an affiliate network.

In my view, the good affiliate networks to join are:

  • Amazon – One of the largest affiliate networks out there, these people are fantastic at what they do, which is selling, but only after you get the customer to their page. Really good one!
  • CJ Affiliate – Formerly known as commission junction. They have been around for a long time, actually longer than most of the affiliates that exist now. The advertisers who reside here are many; therefore, you have many choices in who to work with.
  • ShareASale – With over 4000 affiliate programs to join, it’s obvious to see why this is a much-admired program. This is one of my favorites.
  • Rakuten Affiliate Network – This affiliate network was formerly known as LinkShare. They have been hailed by public opinion as being the top affiliate program in existence.

Write Product Reviewshow to create your own website and blog - write product reviews

Of course, without a product review, your website can come at a standstill. This is the whole reason you have built your website to get your customers to believe in the product you believe in.

People love to read reviews before they make their purchase. I know I personally scour the internet before I make my decision on what would be the best choice for me. Make your review compelling so that the click-through rate happens almost every time.

How you can write a useful review:

  • Use images – Being visual creatures, our visibility needs to be activated with attractive images. Pictures we can relate to as well as images that tell a story. Use a different score of images to cover all your readers. The scope of images beings such as infographics for individuals who need to read data or real-time information. Cartoon type of images for those who look at life through the lens of fun but yet want to keep it real. Real-life images, suitable for those who are related to looking at life through a bit more serious thought.
  • Content – Once again, content comes up. Yes, you have to list your selling points, but in a more of an article type of format. The content here doesn’t need to be very long, possibly up to 1000 words.

Even if you are not selling a physical product, you will still need to create an extraordinary reason for people to click through to see why you are endorsing the product.  Without a review, your customers may not know what to do next. They will read what you have to say, but you have to lead them to do what you need them to do. If you are planning to become an Amazon affiliate, then read my post on how to write Amazon reviews that will sell.

Overall Conclusion On How To Create Your Own Website and Blog

Thanks for sticking with me through the end. Although there are books written with hundreds of pages, I felt this was the fastest and quickest way to get you on your way. Now that you how to create your own website and blog, hire me as you free affiliate coach to see how far we can take your site so you can start earning passive income online.

If you feel this has helped you, please share as well leave your comment below on what other guides you would find helpful. I will do my best to prepare them for you. 

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