How To Increase Visitors To Your Affiliate Blog – Best 2020 Guide

When you increase visitors to your affiliate blog, it means you are going to be earning residual or new income. Each blog post you do should be relevant to what your niche is.

In the old days, people could do at least one of the tips I’ve listed for you, and they would get viewers by the hundreds.

Why Do You Need To Increase Visitors To Your Affiliate Blog

Only by viewing your blog will you become known for what you’re blogging about, for bloggers, that is the ultimate goal. When we get people to read what we are writing about, it empowers us as well as empowers our readers to make decisions based on what they view on in a blog post. It helps us know we provided the information which may have transformed someone’s life. 

So let’s get right into the guide.

Leave Comments Where Possible

By leaving comments on another person’s blog post, you have a chance to leave your website name behind, which means getting a backlink.

Although backlinks don’t hold as much value as they once did, they still show search engines that your website must be essential, and that’s why there’s a backlink to it.

Not only do you get a backlink, but others in the industry learn who you are. Many times blog posts are read by those who are trying to learn more about the industry. If your name is there is one of the comments, most likely, your comments will be followed back to your blog.

The better comment you leave, the more chance you have of being discovered by people viewing the blog post.

In your comment, make sure to include:

  • Your Name
  • Your website address
  • Make a comment relevant to the content
  • Ask questions in your comment
  • Maybe answer some questions related to the content
  • Try to leave a comment of at least a hundred words

By leaving a comment, you develop a relationship with the author of the blog. Most authors, myself included, usually appreciate those who leave thoughtful comments.

Sometimes the author may even reciprocate by leaving a comment on your blog.

Create Click-Through Headlines

create click through headlines

Your readers need to have a reason to click through to your website. By creating a great headline, you can attract many different types of readers to your blog.

Make sure the information that you are providing in your headline is actually related to the post that the reader has landed on. The more relevant it is and supports the idea of the post that is being read, the more click-through rate you have.

Create how-to headlines

Why how to headlines work?

How-to headlines work because they promise the reader a result at the end. It may be precisely what your reader needs. They also help to empower your reader by knowing that they can do it too. They are a great lead-in how you can increase visitors to your affiliate blog.

Have a list or number headline

Why do list or number headlines work?

These types of headlines work because they’re precise to the information that is being given to the reader.

Not only that, but it is easy to digest information. By making your main point in the subheading, you’re ready letting your reader know what to expect after that. 

Great use of list headlines is when people create best-of lists, this is one best way to increase visitors to your affiliate blog.

Questioning headlines

Why do question headlines work?

These headlines appealed to people who are beginners, who are still questioning whether they are on the right path or not.

Another reason these headlines might appeal to people is they’re looking for an answer to a question they have that supports their research.

Make Your Writing Fun

If your content writing is boring, you are definitely going to lose your reader. Of course, I agree that sometimes, our writing may not appeal to everyone. There is even likely of having data being included, bores me to tears.

The more fun your writing is, the better the chance that your reader will click through to your other blog posts to see what else you have to offer.

Have you ever read a book, no matter how hard you tried you just couldn’t get into it?

Well, I have. It was fictional writing in my favorite form, which is sci-fi. I tried really hard to get into the book, but no matter what, it just was not interesting enough to hold my attention.

I actually ended up with a massive headache because I had wasted so much mental energy trying to get into the book. In the end, it made me feel like a failure because this was my favorite form of writing, yet I was not able to find any fun in reading this book.

For a while, I stopped reading!

But don’t worry, I got right back into it when another exciting book came out.

Don’t be one of those bloggers who write for the sake of writing. Be one of those who writes because you like writing as well want others to be interested in what you’re writing.

How can you make your writing fun:

  • Tell stories
  • Have an interest in what you’re writing about
  • Make a dry subject enjoyable with fascinating details
  • Find writers whose work you can emulate
  • Make your readers feel in the moment by active writing
  • Join some creative writing classes
  • Have your own opinion
  • Don’t repeat yourself
  • Trigger some emotions in your reader

These are all great writing styles which you should include in each of your posts. Imagine what happens when a reader connects with you on an emotional level. You’ve triggered their need to know more about you. 

Learning to write great content can be as simple as following guidelines others have already established. Check out sites in your niche to see how they write.


Any post you write, make sure to include interlinks. Interlinks are links that are pointing back to your other posts.

But when doing interlinking, make sure that you’re linking to a relevant post, which will support the post that your reader is on at the time.

Not only does it get readers to stay on your blog longer, but it’s also useful for SEO purposes. By interlinking, you make it easy for Google crawlers to access the many pages of your site.

So you’re probably thinking how will that happen if they’re landing on one page which takes them to maybe two or three other pages?

How that happens is the two or three posts you linked to will have other interlinks to other blog posts on your site.

See that; Google crawling made easier!

In a sense, this way, Google might end up crawling your whole site. Imagine that happening. Every time you blog post, Google will look at your full website, and your SEO will improve.

This allows Google to give your readers the best experience they could ever have on a site.

It also helps your readers to navigate your site in a much more controlled way.

What happens for me when I don’t see any interlinking, but the blog post has me wanting to read more, is I check out for more related blogs. This has me having to click a few times to get where I want.

But really in this busy world who has time, not only don’t they have time even their patience runs thin.


Most of us want things with one click.

Your interlinking will give your reader that. It has already told them which blog post they need to go to, to learn more about the solution they’re looking for.

Do Content Marketing

content marketing

Content marketing is essential because the content is king.

Why is content king?

Because nowadays, you’ll see brands, especially high brands, all have blogs attached to them. Any blog you view, you will notice that keyword plays a huge roll in how they are found on the internet.

It also helps to improve your brand reputation. It’s a busy digital marketplace out there, essential for businesses to build trust as well as their reputation. This only comes when people get to know you personally.

What’s the best way to get to know you personally?

By reading your writing, of course. You’d be surprised at how much a person can learn about another, just through their writing. When people read your content, they start to develop their own opinions about your brand.

If your brand wins their trust, they will not be afraid to share it with others. Your message can spread really fast via content marketing.

The more value you provide, the easier it will be to build trust with your readers.

Content will also help you improve conversions on your website. As I said, content builds trust; only people who trust others will buy what they are selling.

I remember when my friend bought body hair removing cream. She raved about it so much that I trusted her word, so I also went and bought the hair removing cream.

Highly optimized content can also improve your SEO efforts. According to some higher authority bloggers, content creation is probably the most effective technique out there.

Truth be told, business sites which post blog posts consistently have more pages indexed by search engines than those who don’t publish at all.

Content tip: when I started in the blogging world, I posted regularly for 30 days. My site started getting recognized; I started seeing more action on my website. But for some reason I stopped, I didn’t do anything for two months. My site just went downhill; I had to work my way back up again.

Use Social Media

Social media has a significant influence on the blogging world. The more you share your blog and social media sites, the more chance you have of being discovered by those who need what you offer.

What happens with social media is if one influencer shares your blog, they will send many readers to your site.

Why will readers come to your site?

Because it was recommended to them, they trust the influencer there following. That trust leads them to your site.

What will happen if you share your blog on social media is:

  • You will get targeted traffic
  • It will build your credibility
  • Help you establish authority

What are some ways to get noticed on social media:

  • Have useful content
  • Use good hashtags
  • Create relationships with other bloggers
  • Promote your blog in like-minded forums

These are some quick ways to promote your blog on social media sites. Try to pick up at least one of the top four being Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or Twitter.

The one I’m going with right now is Pinterest; It seems to be getting the most action.

Use Your Keywords at Least Once For Every 300 Words – But Do Not Stuff Them

If the content is king, then the keywords are the queen. They are what attract the eyes of readers to come to check out your blog post.

What I find the best thing to do when including your keywords in your post is to put them into your title as well in your first paragraph in your content.

At one time, people use to stuff their content with keywords, that doesn’t work anymore. As a matter of fact, Google penalizes those who stuff keywords by pushing their blogs to the bottom of the pile.

Final Words On How To Increase Visitors To Your Affiliate Blog

How to get more views on your blog shouldn’t be as difficult as it seems. If you follow the guide, I’ve created, you should be ranking in no time. As well, your readers will appreciate you for it.

The motto of a blog is to provide a solution to your readers to help them along their way. The viewers only come when they see you are the one to provide the solution. 

Let me know in the comments below what gets you to go/stay on a blog.

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  1. This is a topic that I’ve honestly been struggling with. I feel like I’m creating a good amount of regular content, but I’m not seeing the results in terms of increased visitation to my site. The ‘Content Tip’ you give is great. Sticking to a regular content schedule is super important to increasing (and maintaining) the visibility of your website! 

    On an unrelated note, what is the plug-in you’re using to create the Table of Contents at the top of your posts?! Thanks!

    • I agree content writing can get tricky but got keep at it to gain visibility. The plugin I am using is Easy Table of Contents. Thanks for stopping by. 


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