3 Best Passive Income Strategies For Beginners In 2020

What are the 3 best passive income strategies for beginners in 2020? In this post, I hope to teach you passive income strategies that will benefit you in the long run. All of us want to be millionaires, but few make it.


Because passive income involves following a strategized plan which needs to be set in motion before monetizing a blog or whatever stream you decide to pursue.

Most people who try to create passive income online have unreasonable expectations. But the passive income strategies for beginners I share are simple to implement. Only the desire to do so has to there.

The reality of creating an income online is that there are specific goals that need to be set as well, making sure a plan is implemented for monetizing online.

Earning money while we sleep is one of the most desired concepts when starting a business online.

Some say it’s a pipe dream to earn online. But I say they’re wrong; it can be done as long as your foundation is set in reality.

Now let’s explore the top 3 passive income strategies for beginners and the common mistakes which can derail the money from following through.

Youtube Marketing

The most common mistake I see when people starting YouTube Marketing is not posting enough videos. The only way to build subscribers is to keep consistency.

Chances are if someone does not like one video, they will most likely watch another video you may have posted.

Just as we watch TV shows that play once a week, so to your viewers expect to see your work at least once a week if not more.

The more videos you have, the more chance you have of being discovered by YouTube watchers.

Remember, on YouTube; it’s easy to find others who may be presenting information in the same way you are. To stand out, you need to give your viewers more of what they expect.

Another thing which grinds my gears is terrible audio. Some people record their videos with loud background noise or music.

Now don’t get me wrong I do like music, but I also want to be able to hear what the person is saying in regards to their video.

Anytime your videos come to an end, make sure to ask people to subscribe or comment — people in general like being told what to do because it gives them a goal. If you don’t ask, you will not get it.

Make sure your channel stays focused on what you originally started it out with. Don’t start branching off to talk about things that are not relevant to your channel. You will lose viewers quickly.

YouTube is one of the leading networks for creating passive income. Do it right, and you could bring in lots of money.

Starting a Blog

When people find out that I write blog posts for a living, they roll their eyes. Not only people that I’m acquainted with but also my immediate family does the same thing.

Most of them assume blogging for a living is just a joke. They have no idea how much work goes into blogging.

Some common mistakes newbies make when starting a blog is only writing about things which interest them. They do not research to see what people are looking for when online, but rather they focus on what they want instead.

This helps no one!

It won’t help you gain a following for your blog. Neither will it help people who find your blog to find what they need.

Another common mistake I find is people trying to write for others to read in a style that is hard to read.

Blog writing is more conversational rather than talking to or talking at. People hate being talked to as well; they hate being talked that. They would rather that you have a general conversation with them.

The more conversational your tone is, the better understanding your readers will have of what you’re all about.

Most people who land on the blog will not read everything that is written; instead, they will read the headlines which stand out to see how they will benefit.

You need to grab your readers’ attention to buy what you’re selling. The best way to do that is by conversing with them.

I know that when your writing, it’s hard to hold a conversation. But it can be done through your writing tone.

Remember that when you start a blog, no one’s going to care about you as a writer. It takes time for your readers to start caring about what you think and write about.

For them, their only purpose is searching for answers to their questions; they don’t care who you are until they become invested in your blog.

One thing I really appreciate when I read a blog is that the blogger’s personality shines through. The best way to let your personality shines through is by making your readers comfortable with what you’re writing.

If you’re a person who likes to joke, throw a joke into your blog. Or maybe you’re a person who likes to talk about things happening in the world.

Share your thoughts. It makes you more relatable to others.

Social Media Influencer

Social media influencers depend on their social media accounts. We’ve already discussed YouTube as it is one of the top social media accounts where income can be generated.

But now, I want to talk about other social media counts such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

When doing social media marketing, an essential aspect here is to create a marketing strategy. Without a plan, your account has no endpoint.

Without an endpoint, there is no direction for your account.

When there is no direction for your account, you really can’t build an audience. Without an audience, you have no one to market to.

Some people have an issue when dealing with negative feedback. I say leave all the comments alone; it creates a bit of controversy which your positive followers may jump on.

Not only should you leave it, but you should address it as well. It shows that you are willing to improve what needs addressing.

When people leave a comment, they expect to be taken seriously. You placing that seriousness on their feedback creates value to your social media count.

Final Words About Passive Income Strategies For Beginners

Best passive income strategies for beginners should be implemented right from the get-go. It gets challenging to fix a mistake when you’re income stream has been functioning for a while. Most people would rather give up and then go back to change something that could bring in a good income. 

Let me know in the comments below what your thoughts are on the 3 passive income strategies for beginners.

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  1. Hey, Jag.  Very interesting article about passive income.  I think YouTube is definitely an important social media platform these days. I see so many different YouTube topics out there. In fact, I use it tons every day. For news, to find out how to do things, to learn something new, to laugh.  My goodness, there is so much out there to see.  One thing I am not real sure about, though, is how you actually make money on YouTube. I see a lot of videos selling stuff – but I see a lot of other videos that are not selling anything. They are how-to or they are just fun to watch. So, in what ways can you make money – or passive income on YouTube? It sounds like you have been doing this for a long time, so I imagine you have discovered many ways to make money from posting videos. Do you have another article that explains this more in depth?

  2. Passive income ideas are much and some of them would just be a total waste of time for the individual if they do not go through a very serious training process. For beginners, I wouldn’t recommend anything other than that which you have listed here and it’s very nice to see blogging there because it is one easy way to go as a starter but still hard work will be required just as in any other aspect of making money. 

  3. Thanks a lot for summarizing such an amazing review about 3 Best Passive Income Strategies For Beginners In 2020. I was trying to make some passive income. I found on the internet different websites with fake information and scams. You put here the perfect options for making passive income with these strategies. You have put here some very helpful steps that can be useful for anyone who wants to make passive income. After I see your review, I think these strategies are best that will help me earn a passive income. And I’ll try this method. I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to more beautiful articles related to this in the future. My best wishes will be always with you.thanks

  4. Since the covid19 has incapacitated most of us and we have to stay at home now,I feel it is a matter of being respectable enough to take the right hustle up at home to focus on building a worthy means of income from home by owning a website too. The three offers here are quite lucrative and easy to follow so far there is dedication and willingness to work. Thank you so much for Sharing

  5. I’ll have to spend several weeks home with all this that’s happening world-wide, so I decided to research about passive income strategies. Your post has been very helpful. I like the idea of starting a blog. And you’re right, most people don’t know all the work that goes into a blog and they don’t know either all the income potential.

    Thank you very much for your post!


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