Website Best Practices Checklist – Making Sure Your SEO Is On Point

Website best practices checklist for better SEO is something every affiliate site should be involving themselves right from the beginning.

If you find yourself not practicing website SEO tactics, then your site is going to remain hidden. The only way Google knows how to index your site is when Google bots crawl your site via SEO. 

Post-Fresh Original Content Regularly

  • Act Like You Own the Playground

Since you are the new kid on the playground, playing hard is the only way you are going to get noticed; otherwise, you might as well become another face in the crowd.

There are a countless number of websites out there; you are going to have to stand out. It’s kind of like wearing red when everyone else is wearing green.

Now put up your hand if you know about posting a status on social media sites. Without thinking, my hand went up as well. You know most statuses are only up until someone else posts something.

As more status or tweets pop up, the lower your status goes. Well, it’s the same with web content. Old content starts to move down; new material begins to rise. Have you ever noticed the way a new tweet gets seen?

The one who posts most tweets gets many followers, the one who doesn’t post tweets goes into obscurity. I’m one of those people who has gone into oblivion on twitter.

  • Freshness Matters a Great Deal to Google

Adding freshness not only comes in writing new posts, but it can also occur in the form of new categories related to your niche.

 Sometimes an original post is hard to write, that’s the time to start a new category which could take your site down on a new exciting path. By doing this, you go on to create infinite topics you can discuss.

Another thing with fresh content is not to copy another person’s content when that happens; the one who does the copying gets penalized by Google. 

It’s also considered unethical; Google is pretty smart. They will notice when someone has rewritten another person’s content. If rewriting AI is getting smarter with rewriting content, so is the ever-powerful Google.

Engagement within your comments section also creates freshness on a post. It may be a new way to converse, but it’s still the same human connection of old times people look for.

Most enjoy hearing from others, to see if their comment made a difference or not.

Let’s say you write a post; it’s been a few days. Your post is going to start to go down but have no worries. That’s where getting the comments come in.

Once you start getting comments, they are counted as part of your post or page. This, alone, will begin to create freshness. But the power here is to engage back yourself. This is something that I have learned from Wealthy Affiliate.

Google will look at this as having authority. To them, it’s like, hey that website must be relevant, there’s a congregation happening over there.

It’s the mentality of the popular student who plays a sport; everybody wants to be where they are. Eventually, the officials of the school take notice as well.

The best way to come up with content is by writing topics based on which you initially started your website. There was an apparent reason you started when you felt you had something to tell the world.

I enjoy writing, but maybe if you are not a writer, then hire someone. Just make sure the writer is thorough in what they do. My writing compared to another individual may convey a different message, so be sure to read this all the way through.

In other words, you may learn something new!

Page Load Speed Matters

All search engines take page-loading speed into account. Most people nowadays don’t have the patience they might have had at one time.

The generation of today is since all is available at our fingertips; hence the information should be available as soon as the keys are pressed on a keyboard.

Most people will wait maybe about 5 seconds for a web page to load before they move onto the next. Make sure to check your page speed, so your competitors don’t end up with your customer.

A great place to check for website speed is Pingdom. As this is where I regularly go check the speed of my website, I would say it’s pretty accurate.

It even lists what can be improved upon. Go through each point like a checklist.

Fix the issue and then check again.

Re-purpose your old content

website best practices checklist - re-purpose content

This is a great little technique you can use on those days you don’t feel like writing new material. Take one of your older posts, go through it to see if you can make any changes to match current events that may have taken place since it was published.

The only thing I would say is when re-purposing your older posts; do not change the title as this will create a new permalink. By creating a new permalink, your old link will lead to an error — not a good thing for your site.

If you change the name, then make sure to create a 301 redirect. Just remember to include an editor note in italics, indicating you have updated the post to reflect current data/stats.

Don’t Rush the Process

Many times you may feel the need to hurry to get your content out there. I would advise not to do that, as the quality of your content may suffer.  You need to be able to provide value to your customers. They aren’t going to get if you publish something, which means nothing to them.

Remember, if the bounce rate, which you can find in Google Analytics, is high, then search engines become wary of sending customers to your site.

Search engines will start to rank your site as being of non-important. No one will be visiting your website then.

Take your time to write the post. Step away for a while; go back later to see what you can improve upon, something which you may not have thought about when writing it the first time.

The more quality you provide, the higher the return rate will be of your readers. As well you build trust; it will lead to developing a relationship that may convert to sales for you.

Social Media

This is one of the easiest ways to get exposure for your online/offline business. No monetary investment is required; the only real investment here is your time as well as having the patience to wait for results.

With the right angle in your writing/video, your message can go viral. Another benefit that can take place to spread your message is word of mouth.

In my view, the top 6 places to create an account are:

  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

Once you create an account, you can add people you know, as well as those who share similar interests as you.

Search Engine Submission

Always submit your website to search engines; it’s free, so why not do it?

 Google (1,600,000,000 estimate number of unique monthly visitors)

Bing (400,000,000 estimate number of unique monthly visitors)

Yahoo Search (300,000,000 estimate number of unique monthly visitors)

Ask now searches through links (245,000,000 estimate number of unique monthly visitors)

Wow (100,000,000 estimate number of unique monthly visitors)

WebCrawler (65,000,000 estimate number of unique monthly visitors)

Infospace (24,000,000 estimate number of unique monthly visitors)

Info (13,500,000 estimate number of unique monthly visitors)

DuckDuckGo (13,000,000 estimate number of unique monthly visitors)

Contenko (11,000,000 estimate number of unique monthly visitors)

Dogpile (10,500,000 estimate number of unique monthly visitors)

Alhea (7,500,000 estimate number of unique monthly visitors)

ixQuick (4,000,000 estimate number of unique monthly visitors)

Link Internally

Linking internally helps to raise the status of your web pages. This is done by linking to the one you think is the most important page on your website, although it should be done in a natural organic way.

To have internal links, you will need to create lots of content as well as pages. Using anchor text with a natural way of reading is the best way to link from page to page.

Make sure your text is relevant to what you are linking to within your website. Readers need to be led to the next order of reading more naturally rather than read something which in no way relates to what they were reading before.

Remember not to overdo on the links.

Have Your Post Comments Going From New to Latest

Comments are essential for a website as they show the engagement of what you are posting. But the way comments show on posts should also be taken into consideration.

As a reader, when I go to read/post comments, I don’t want to scroll all the way to bottom to learn what the latest commenter has to say.  

That may involve going through 100s of comments!

Why do I want to read the latest comment?

Because the post could be years old, it would help to see what people think of it now. Plus, you, as the writer, may learn something new, which will help in updating the post to reflect new learning.

What also keeps me interested when posting a comment is seeing when the comment at the top was posted. If I see a date much earlier than the time I arrive, it makes me think twice, due to the staleness look of the post.

But if I were to see a comment with a more recent date, I am more likely to leave a comment; because this shows the post is still regarded with authority as well, there is an action taking place.

Now that you have a better idea of what the website practices checklist involves, check to see if your site is up to par. 

Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent place to start learning these practices right from the get-go, read my Wealthy Affiliate University Review.

You’ll be glad you did. Plus, you can start for free, still learn everything you need to become a successful affiliate.

Share your comment below on what you found most helpful here.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this checklist! I always lose my tract when I am writing a post and in the zone so I totally forget about SEO and keywords. Re-posting my old content is a nice strategy, never thought of that, will revisit on some of my old posts. I will submit my post to other search engine as well. Currently I only have google and bing. Will save your check list. 


  2. Hi Jag- Thank you putting this information together. I have been struggling lately wondering how to get better ranking and this post has renewed my faith. I’m going go back to the drawing board with your helpful tips. I will be back in the near future for more help. Thank you so much!

  3. These are fantastic tips for getting off to a great start with a new website — actually most is also relevant and helpful for seasoned bloggers to keep in mind and practice as well. Do you have an easy way that you link to all of the major search engines (like a favorite plugin)? Thanks so much for the actionable tips for a great website!

  4. In recent years, websites have evolved a lot and now things that were not so important are, I think your checklist is very real, because each of the points are important so that one can have the desired visits and be able to grow our website, speed and quality content sometimes has to be accompanied by the rest of the elements. Great post.


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