Become A Weight Loss Expert – Make Money By Helping Others Lose Weight

By being a weight loss expert, you are going to help people get to weight goals as well; maybe even them become weight-loss experts themselves.

But guess what else!

This industry is only going to continue its climb into billions on top of billions. There is always going to be demand for a weight loss expert in the different aspects of weight loss.

Health reasons people need to lose weight:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart Issues
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Cancer
  • Back Pain
  • Knee or joint pain

Types of clients you can expect:

  • Adults
  • Teenagers
  • Young Children
  • Elderly
  • Women after giving birth
  • People wanting to feel good after undergoing life changes

Reasons people want to lose weight:

  • Special occasions could be:
    • Getting married
    • Prom
    • Buy a new wardrobe
    • Birthday
    • Anniversary
    • New year resolution

Before we go, remember you could become a weight loss expert on anyone these topics. You don’t need to specialize ion all, just pick one and get going.

Now back to our study.

Currently, America is smack in the middle of an obesity epidemic. Although I have to say they are not the only ones undergoing this issue. It’s worldwide.

This market is massively large (pun not intended), earning in this niche is unlimited. There are hosts of reasons why people want to lose weight, not just limited to obesity.

Type in the words ‘weight loss’ in Google, and you will see millions of people looking for solutions.

There are many affiliate programs available to help people lose weight. Amazon and Clickbank are just a few programs where you can start earning money.

  • This niche study is done based on the US population
  • 120, 000, 000 women want to lose weight
  • 100, 000,000 men want to lose weight

Market Worth

Weight loss is a considerable market anywhere. In the States, the market is worth $70 billion. There is a deep desire to lose weight, especially within the millennials, so the demand for a right weight loss expert is only going to increase.

There is high range of the products available for weight loss and are very popular among fatty peoples. These products are easy to purchase online at affordable prices. Most of them are selling through affiliate programs and bloggers who involve in blogging on fitness can join affiliate programs and sell those weight loss products through their blogs and cash this trending business.

Source: Shout Me Loud

Due to the rise of obesity, add into that low unemployment as well as people having more disposable income is what is boosting this industry.


Retail/Non-traditional Channels       $19 billion

Meal Replacements                            $15.2 billion

Commercial Programs                       $13.6 billion

Fitness Membership/Programs        $10.7 billion

Medical Weight Loss Programs        $8.6 billion

Multi-level marketers                          $2 billion

Weight Loss Surgery                           $900 million

Why Is Being A Weight Loss Expert So Hot

The total weight loss market grew by 1.2% in 2019. With retail products, commercial programs, and meal replacements are leading the way.

Millennials are now the largest population group, and they are outnumbering the baby boomers. The focus is more on cleaning eating, exercising, and avoiding highly processed foods.

Fad diets are not as popular as they used to be, due to people wanting to make lifestyle changes permanent although they are still worth billions.

People often will try anything that promises to help them lose weight. They may want to look or feel better, or may worry about certain health conditions. Companies that promote fad diets take advantage of this fact. They appeal to people by promising weight loss that is quick and easy. Many people prefer to try the quick fix of a fad diet instead of making the effort to lose weight through long-term changes in their eating and exercise habits.

Source: Family Doctor


The meal replacement market is showing strong growth, getting more and more popular every year. This year alone, the sales of supplements and bars will outpace the growth of diet pills or fad diets.

Google Trend For Weight Loss Experts to Look Into For Losing Weight

weight loss niche

Microniches To Explore

  • Overweight adolescents
  • Seniors
  • People with medical conditions
  • Individuals with a sedentary lifestyle
  • Childhood obesity
  • Up and coming brides
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Improved mental health
  • Possible decreased risk of joint problems
  • Develop an energy boost
  • New Moms

Domain Name Ideas

Long Tail Low Fruit Keyword Ideas

Longtime ago, one-word keywords worked, but now you need to enter an actual phrase. Nowadays, people search by entering a group of words.

Read my post on the Best Long Tail Keyword Suggestion Tool for ideas on how to find low fruit keywords, which will help your posts to rank.

Losing weight after baby – 76 sites are ranked for this term

Losing weight after pregnancy – 154 sites are ranked for this

Best weight loss program for women – 47 sites are ranked for this term

Healthy weight loss supplements – 140 sites are ranked for this term

Tips for healthy weight loss – 154 sites are ranked for this term

Safe healthy weight loss – 150 sites are ranked for this term

Shaping your body – 132 sites are ranked for this term

Try Out The Keyword Finding Tool Yourself

Why Should You Become A Weight Loss Expert

The weight loss niche is not going anywhere anytime soon. The quicker you can get into it, the more established your site will be, the more trustworthy you will become.

It takes about a year to become an authority about a topic. So the time is now to take advantage of this billion-dollar niche.

Spring is just right around the corner; most women are preparing for this weather. If you can help them reach their goals, then you will have customers for life.

There are people out there who will thank you for bringing them an awareness of weight loss products/programs — especially those who are experiencing obesity-related problems such as heart disease, diabetes, and other health issues.

Many people are now into managing pain without medication. People who have joint problems due to their weight are looking for alternative solutions.

Be the solution to their problem!

How can you be a solution to someone who is having weight issues?

The best way I can suggest becoming a solution is by starting your own business online.

Not only will you help people, but you will also earn an unlimited income in this niche.

You don’t need to focus on the weight loss niche as a whole. It would be too overwhelming. You could start a website based on one of the above microniches. It would be better that way as there would be less competition.

Are you ready to start helping people lose weight?

If so, then start your free website now to take advantage of this hot market.

Where I learned all I’m showing you here is Wealthy Affiliate University. This is a program that I am grateful for.

When I started with them, I was highly skeptical of ever achieving success. But I’m glad I was proved wrong. I started free with WA as they allow two free websites but quickly upgraded to premium.

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Need any more reason why you should be a weight loss expert, let me know in the comments below.

10 thoughts on “Become A Weight Loss Expert – Make Money By Helping Others Lose Weight”

  1. Hi Jag,

    Very informative web page. I’m new and could use some guidance in affiliate niche marketing. There are many niches that I didn’t even see before joining WA.  It’s a very interesting field but I’m still at the keyword learning phase.  I’ve bookmarked your site and will contact you when I need some help.


  2. This was an interesting article for me as there was a period of time when I was heavily involved in helping people lose weight. At that time, I was working on a Master’s Degree with a focus on psychology, and since nutrition and diets were a part of my regular job, I had become an expert on weight loss and leveraged that into offering programs and group activities towards that end.

    That was enjoyable work too, and although I did not charge for the services, I very well could have. Years have passed (decades) and it seems to me that this field is as open now as it was way back then. You make a very compelling case to get back involved with this field of work. I am going to explore this further. Thanks a lot!

    • I was a personal trainer at one time and enjoyed helping others get to their weight loss goals. But now I enjoy showing others how to make money online. Good luck if you get involved, its a phenomenal way to help people and make money at the same time.

  3. Hello Jag. Thank you for sharing this guide on how to make money by helping people lose weight. Weight loss is one of the largest industry online and offline today. One can easily Tao into this industry by helping others get what they want as regarding losing weight. I love the way you have presented this guide. Building a website around this industry is no brainer than you have just shown us. Nice job.


  4. True, America is in an obesity epidemic, but I think that Mexico has now “beaten” the US, still sad though, how much obesity seems to be on the rise …

    Looking at the numbers you present, I was impressed, the weight loss niche is indeed big business … Doesn’t that mean that there is also a lot of competition between websites? Could that make it hard to get your website noticed on Google? Do long tail keywords help a lot to overcome that? I suppose that when you get specific in your niche, you may perhaps have more success. What is a good way to get your website noticed?

    • It’s a large market, and if you can find a place specialize in, you will get the readers who nee your specific help. Long-tail keywords are great because they target a particular part of the industry. 

      An excellent way to get your website noticed is by writing lots of content in your niche, as well as share on it social media. That’s where a lot of our future readers hangout. 

  5. The weight loss niche is one of those evergreen niches. It will always be here with us in our modern world. As a result of this the idea of becoming a weight loss expert is a very solid one.

    This is good information on the topic and it is clear that you did a lot of research so as to be able to provide all this information. I see you mentioned the name Wealthy Affiliate a few times. Would you say that this is a good place to learn about how to build a business as a weight loss expert in the weight loss niche?

    • Wealthy Affiliate is a platform where you can get training as well as have your blog hosted, over 2,000,000 members. We all collectively share our marketing techniques to make each other successful.


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